Feeln (currently known as Hallmark Movies Now) was a streaming service that offered family-friendly content—including original TV series as well as Hollywood blockbusters and classic movies—on almost any device for a low monthly subscription. STRV worked with Feeln to develop its apps across all devices.


UI Designer


Android, Fire TV



Feeln — Movie detail


This was one of the higher-profile client projects I was involved with during my time at STRV. I was brought into the project at a later phase, after a multitude of explorations were done for the iOS version, in order to bring Feeln to the (then new-ish) Material Design design language.

This was especially exciting as it was amongst the first few Material-oriented projects we had the oportunity to work on. Needless to say, the design language that was established for iOS worked really well in the colourful world of Material Design.

Feeln — Assorted wireframes

Feeln — Assorted Android screens

Feeln — Tablet

Feeln — Assorted Fire TV screens